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Lydden Hill Planning Application 2019

04 July, 2019

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? Lydden Hill Race Circuit is an historic Motor Sport venue which has been operating for about 60 years but Motor Sport and a current restriction of 52 days of operation a year does not provide the necessary return on our considerable investment to enable the facility to have a future. That’s why we are asking Dover District Council to agree that we may diversify into other activities and most importantly, operate on extra days.

• Increased events to be enjoyed by the local community with children under 13 entering every event free of charge along with free adult passes to residents within 2 miles and free tickets given to local schools for community events.
• New access road from the entrance off Geddinge Lane with revised brown attraction signage to the new entrance leading to a wider access road taking cars direct into parking before paying, reducing the time vehicles spend on public roads when entering the site.
• Diversification through a programme of family-oriented and community activities including shows, craft fairs, Cycle racing and CycloX, charity events, young driver training, emergency services training days , hot air balloon launches, media activities, experience days and corporate events.

• An investment of over £25,000 in a new noise management system with trackside monitoring reporting real-time data to the Council so that they can ensure we comply. Motorsport days will remain at 24 days of 55bB LAeq and 26 days of 50dB LAeq with the existing operating hours and restrictions. The proposed additional days will see no more than 52 days a year at 45dB LAeq and no more than 52 days a year at 40dB LAeq. This compares very favourably with the ambient noise readings of between 41dB and 65dB on days of no circuit activity at the 4 local community points.
• Noise limits, operating times and restrictions will be in place for the construction phase.
• A replacement building will provide a VIP Centre, Circuit Offices, Medical Centre and Pit Garages for use at events with the building and road construction including a detailed landscaping plan creating an attractive wildlife-sensitive environment embracing native woodland, hedgerows, shrubs, arable fields and managed improved grasslands.

• The proposals we are seeking planning consent for will involve a total investment of around £5.5M
• Currently motor sport activities attract about 50,000 visitors each year, supporting between 23 – 27 full time jobs. It is estimated visitor numbers will increase in time to 89,000 increasing the number of full time employees to about 78, all living within about 30 miles.
• Lydden Hill has a policy of sourcing services and goods from local suppliers spending just under £250K in 2018, expected to rise to over £400K based upon the expected increase in visitor numbers.
• Currently over half our visitors come from outside of Kent with 30% staying overnight, a demand of approximately 25,800 bed nights each year. It is estimated that with the estimated increased visitor numbers the value of providing accommodation in the local area will increase to £2.63M, with those visitors spending £1.14M locally.

“19/00615 Demolition of existing Circuit Offices and erection of replacement building comprising VIP Centre and additional use of the circuit for non-race activities and construction of new access road from existing access in Geddinge Lane | Lydden Hill Race Circuit Wootton CT4 6ET”

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