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Passes are available for any photographer who can provide, copies of three press articles that you have had published in the last 12 month, A letter or provenance from the publication / media company that you are working for this year along with a copy of your public liability insurance certificate of a minimum of £5,000,000. Please also enclose 2 passport photos with this application, failure to supply will result in pass being refused.


Popularly known as drones, but also referred to as remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small handheld types up to large aircraft, potentially a similar size to airliners.

Just like any other aircraft, an unmanned aircraft must always be flown in a safe manner, both with respect to other aircraft in the air and also to people and properties on the ground.

Permission must be gained from the Circuit Director in advance of the event should you wish to fly a drone over our venue.

Our rules and regulations are taken from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website and can be found by visiting –

To bring your drone down to our our events please complete a Drone Form


If you are planning on coming to a Motorsport UK governed event, you will also need to complete this form!

Media Pass Application Form