Lydden Hill

What is a Marshal?

Volunteer marshals are vital to the safe and effective running of motor sport events all over the country. Marshals are recognizable from their orange overalls or marshals’ tabards. They perform a range of essential duties, from displaying flag signals for competitors or responding to incidents on the track.

As a Marshal, you will be given ample training in all aspects of the sport, from fire fighting and first aid to radio operation and team working. As well as working on Marshals posts around the track, specialty roles are available in the Paddock and other areas.

To start with you will be working with experienced Marshals who will provide ‘on the job’ training in addition to the formal training sessions held around the country.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a Marshal then contact us on or call us on 01304 830557 and we will be able to provide details of what you need to do next. If you are coming to an event soon, then talk to one of the Marshals and they will be happy to talk to you about what they do and what’s involved.

What do I need?

To start with you just need to wear natural fibers, cotton, wool, denim etc. that don’t clash with the flag colours (yellow, red, green, blue), some stout footwear (walking boots are ideal) and some gloves (welders gauntlets or leather gardening gloves are fine). Don’t spend lots of money on kit until you have spent a couple of days Marshaling to make sure you enjoy it anything that you don’t have can probably be borrowed, Marshals are a very friendly bunch.

When looking to get marshals overalls after you have done a few days, one of the most popular suppliers is AWS Racewear based locally in Ashford, please visit

Motorsport UK Registration

Becoming registered with the Motorsport UK as a marshal, will ensure that you undertake the appropriate training programmes to enable you to offer the best possible marshaling to those on the circuit.

To become a Motorsport UK Registered Marshal, you will need to become a member, use the link below:
Marshals – Motorsport UK – The beating heart of UK motorsport

Once you’ve completed it, you will need your application endorsed by a club such as the Lydden Hill Motorsport Club, therefore send your form to us (with a stamped addressed return envelope) and we will happily endorse your registration and return it to you so you can submit it to Motorsport UK.

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