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BRX 2020

25 October, 2019

Lydden Hill To Run Motorsport UK British Rallycross Championship From 2020

We are happy to announce that Lydden Hill Race Circuit (LHRC) has been chosen to run the Motorsport UK British Rallycross Championship from 2020 with Lydden Hill Motorsport Club (LHMC, to be renamed BRX) as the organising club at every event.

LHRC, the circuit where rallycross began over 50 years ago, will run the British Rallycross Championship for at least the next three years after winning the tender process held by Motorsport UK.

With a heritage of being the birthplace of rallycross, LHRC will continue to constantly look for ways to evolve rallycross and involve more people in the sport. A number of Supercar teams who are not currently competing in the championship have already committed for 2020.

The format of events will remain largely the same as the current championship, with some events having the addition of Truck Rallycross, that was announced earlier this year. The ‘provisional’ 2020 calendar includes events at a minimum of four circuits in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

The Supercar class will be run over a minimum of six weekends with a minimum of six rounds. Other classes will run under the current format, with a mixture of single and double header weekend events. There will be a minimum of eight rounds for these championships.

Keeping stability in the current class format will allow Lydden Hill to focus on improving grids, spectator and driver experience, championship marketing and the overall product. The Super 1600’s and 1600 Super Nationals will form a new class ‘Magic 1600s’. There will be incentives to bring people into this class, which has already generated a lot of interest.

The British Rallycross Championship will run a single make, control tyre rule, using the same make of tyre for all classes.

A team of experienced rallycross officials have committed to join LHMC for the 2020 season which includes three championship race directors, who between them hold both MSUK and FIA clerk licences.

New positions will be created with a dedicated team in place to liaise with the drivers, teams and circuits to grow and promote the image of the sport. Plans are in place to pull away from television which currently devalues the sport and invest more time and money into social media with edits showing build up, racing and highlights for each event. The team will focus on increasing the following and engagement across all media platforms.

Further details will be released soon.

Provisional Supercar Calendar*:
RD 1 - April 12th/13th - Lydden Hill Race Circuit
RD 2 - May 24th/25th - Pembrey
RD 3 - TBC June 20th/21st - Valkenswaard
RD 4 - July 18th/19th - Mondello Park
RD 5 - August 30th/31st - Lydden Hill Race Circuit
RD 6 - September 26th/27th - Knockhill

Provisional Calendar For All Other Classes*:
RD 1 - April 12th/13th – Lydden Hill Race Circuit
RD 2 - May 24th – Pembrey Circuit
RD 3 - May 25th - Pembrey Circuit
RD 4 - July 18th - Mondello Park
RD 5 - July 19th – Mondello Park
RD 6 - August 30th/31st – Lydden Hill Race Circuit
RD 7 - September 26th – Knockhill Racing Circuit
RD 8 - September 27th – Knockhill Racing Circuit
RD 9 - Date TBC - Pembrey

*Dates/circuits are provisional and subject to change. A confirmed calendar will be announced as soon as possible along with details of rounds for the different classes.

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