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Car Trackday

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Car Trackday

Trackdays are the perfect way of learning more about your vehicle in a safe, controlled and non-competitive environment. There is no racing, no timing and no requirement to set a new lap record. Just the opportunity to drive your car as fast as you feel comfortable, almost certainly with a big grin on your face!


Drivers are invited to nominate themselves for one of two different groups to keep everyone safe and happy:

Novice, Inter-Experienced

This way you won’t feel under pressure at your first event. Equally, experienced drivers in dedicated track cars can really press on, without getting held up.


Car Trackdays start at 09:00 with 6 x 15 minute sessions on offer to every driver for just £130!

The event will finish around 13:00

Provisional Timetable

Session Start End
09:00 09:15
NOVICE 09:15 09:30
INTER-EXP 09:30 09:45
Noise break 09:45 09:55
NOVICE 09:55 10:10
INTER-EXP 10:10 10:25
Noise break 10:25 10:35
NOVICE 10:35 10:50
INTER-EXP 10:50 11:05
Noise break 11:05 11:15
NOVICE 11:15 11:30
INTER-EXP 11:30 11:45
Noise break 11:45 11:55
NOVICE 11:55 12:10
INTER-EXP 12:10 12:25
Noise break 12:25 12:35
NOVICE 12:35 12:50
INTER-EXP 12:50 13:05



Please note there is a noise limit of Static: 100db and Drive By: 92db on all vehicles out on track.



Car Track Day FAQ

The noise limit for track days is 100dB static which will be tested when participants arrive in the Assembly Area immediately prior to their session.

Engines must not be run before 08:55 Saturday and 10:25 Sunday (tick over only). No engines are to be run after 18:00 Saturday and 16:00 Sunday.

Noise is monitored throughout the event through the use of ‘drive by’ and circuit perimeter monitoring. Any excessively noisy vehicle will be black flagged and removed from the track until corrective action has been taken.

Be mindful of the other cars on the circuit when cornering, braking and accelerating. Racing, donuts, drifting and intentional spinning of the tyres is prohibited.

All groups will receive 3 sighting laps at the start of their first session to enable drivers to become familiar with the track. The sighting laps are distinguished by use of yellow waved flags and overtaking is not permitted. Immediately following the sighting laps, green waved flags indicate that the session is now open. Sighting laps do not take place during subsequent sessions on the same day with the exception of drivers in the ‘novice’ category who will receive 1 sighting lap at the start of each session.

Participants must not act or drive recklessly, dangerously or in an intimidating fashion, whether on track or otherwise. Any person driving in a manner incompatible with safety will, at the discretion of the Track Supervisor, be black flagged by the start line marshal and may be excluded from the session or event.

Lydden Hill Race Circuit reserves the right to exclude any participant from the event who puts other drivers & themselves at risk or damages the venue.

The short answer is yes.

The safety of our drivers, volunteers, staff and spectators is the top priority of the team at Lydden Hill. There are extensive regulations and processes in place to maximise the safety for everyone on site.

Helmets are mandatory, we strongly recommend that they are full face. Long sleeves and closed shoes are also mandatory. This applies to both drivers and passengers.

Our marshall’s are fully trained in dealing with on-track situations such as fires & collisions as well as keeping a constant eye out for any track obstructions to make sure the event can run smoothly.

We also have paramedics trackside that are ready to go at all times while cars are on circuit and due to the nature of our circuit, our ambulance and medical staff can usually be at the incident site within 60 seconds.

It is not a requirement to have insurance on a track day. However, it is worth noting that it is likely that your standard road policy will not cover any damages to your car from a track day.

We recommend that you take out trackday specific insurance that can cover your time on track, usually paid for per day.

Yes, there is hot & cold food available in the paddock from the food bay, which serves a range of locally sourced produce including chicken bites, panini’s, chicken burgers and much much more!

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Noise Category 3 - 100dB

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