Lydden Hill

Sideways Sessions

With public track time sessions finishing at 3pm, the circuit will open for sideways sessions running on selected dates. 

Sideways Sessions at Lydden Hill

The events will run 3pm – 6pm or for the last 3 hours of daylight with the start line being held for 5 minutes every 15 minutes. The circuit will be watered if needed and only 4 cars will be allowed on circuit at any one time. All cars must meet the noise limit of 100db static and 92db drive-by. Longer noise breaks may need to be implemented although shouldn’t be needed with the precautions in place.

Driving standards will be monitored to reduce loss of time. Basic scrutineering will also be implemented.

Sideways Sessions will cost £100 to including sliding throughout the 3 hours as well as passenger rides in each others cars for no additional cost.

Sideways Sessions will be open to LHMC members only. LHMC membership can be purchased for just £10 per event or £30 per year valid until the end of December. Benefits of membership will include input into the format of the exclusive events, event ticket discounts, Lydden Loyalty scheme and more.

Book the tickets for Sideways Sessions please visit the ‘Events’ page on the website.

Spectating at sideways sessions is free of charge, not ticket required.

The afternoon sessions will be run in an open pit lane format for LHDC members to give maximum seat time. Spaces will be limited to just 20 drivers per event with twinning permitted.


Available Dates

30th September – CANCELLED

To book yourself into one of our sideways click here.

There are new Sideways Sessions regulations for 2023 – Please ensure you have read and understood them in full. Click here for the 2023 regulations or they are available to view at the bottom of the page.


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